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As a local mortgage broker in Killeen, TX, I have helped hundreds of families finance the purchase of their home. In particular, I have a passion for assisting veterans like myself in finding the perfect home.

Whether you’re a veteran or not, I love helping people through the mortgage process and making sure they get the absolute best mortgage that matches their home purchasing goals.

Eligibility Requirements for Purchasing a Home

Before starting your home search, you should familiarize yourself with the typical mortgage eligibility requirements. While the specific requirements will vary depending on the lender and loan program, some common factors are typically considered.

These factors include your credit score, income and job history, employment history, debt-to-income ratio, and how much money you can put down.

My goal is to help you overcome any potential hurdles and guide you toward securing the ideal home purchase loan.

Types of Home Purchase Loans

There are several home purchase loan options to choose from. Here are some of the most common types:

Conventional Loans

Conventional loans are mortgage loans that are not insured or guaranteed by the government. Conventional loans typically require a credit score of 620+ and a down payment of at least 3%.

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FHA Loans

FHA loans are a government backed loan program that are popular among first-time homebuyers with lower credit scores. These loans often require a lower down payment(3.5%) and offer more leniHere’s a high-level overview of the mortgage process: Pre-qualification: We assess your financial situation, review your credit score, and estimate the loan amount you may qualify for.

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VA Loans

As a veteran, you have the opportunity to take advantage of what I consider is the best mortgage program available. VA loans offer competitive interest rates, flexible credit requirements, and the option for no down payment.

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USDA Loans

For those seeking homes in rural areas, USDA loans provide an excellent option. USDA loans are backed by the United States Department of Agriculture. Similar to VA loans, USDA loans have low-interest rates and no down payment requirements.

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The Home Loan Process

Navigating the home loan process can seem daunting, but with our expertise, you can proceed with confidence.

Here’s a high-level overview of the mortgage process:

  1. Pre-Qualification: Getting pre-qualified will let you know exactly how much you can qualify for. We base your pre-qualification on your estimated credit score, income, etc. It’s important to note that you cannot put an offer in on a home without a pre-qualification!
  2. Loan Application: Once you’re pre-qualified, you will submit a full loan application. This step involves providing detailed information about your income, employment history, assets, and debts. At this stage we can issue a more formal Pre-Approval.
  3. Home Shopping: This is the exciting part of buying a home! You’ll work with your real estate agent to find the home of your dreams. We can always help connect you with an agent if you need one.
  4. Loan Processing: Once you’ve found the perfect home and your offer is accepted, the loan processing phase begins. This stage involves a comprehensive assessment of the property, gathering additional documentation, and finalizing the loan terms. Our team will collaborate closely with the lender, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.
  5. Underwriting and Approval: During underwriting, the lender reviews your application, verifies the property’s value, and assesses the overall risk. This is a crucial step in obtaining final loan approval. We’ll coordinate with the lender, providing any necessary documentation and addressing any concerns that may arise.
  6. Closing: The closing marks the final stage of the home loan process. It involves working with the title agency to coordinate signing the necessary legal documents, paying closing costs, and officially transferring ownership of the property.

Pros and Cons of Purchasing a Home

Purchasing a home is a huge financial commitment, one that we recommend 9/10 times! Let’s take a closer look at what purchasing a home in Killeen, Texas, entails:


Long Term Investment: Owning a home allows you to build positive equity, which can grow over time. Additionally, real estate has historically shown strong long-term appreciation, making it a potentially lucrative investment.

Stability and Control: Homeownership provides stability and a sense of control over your living environment. From little things like painting the walls to large projects like putting in a pool to not having pet restrictions, no landlord to shut you down.

Tax Benefits: You can deduct mortgage interest and property taxes. These deductions can help reduce your overall tax liability, potentially resulting in significant savings.


Financial Responsibility: Alongside the benefits, homeownership comes with financial responsibilities. Not only do you need to make your mortgage payment but you’re also responsible for property taxes, homeowners insurance, maintenance and repairs. It’s essential to be prepared for these ongoing costs.

Market Fluctuations: Real estate markets can experience fluctuations, which may impact the value of your home. While long-term appreciation is common, short-term market conditions can vary.

Less Flexibility: Owning a home means committing to a specific location. If you value flexibility or anticipate frequent relocations, renting may be a more suitable option.

Are You Ready to Purchase a Home?

Congratulations on taking the first steps toward purchasing a home! With my expertise and personalized approach, I am dedicated to assisting you throughout the entire home purchase loan process.

Reach out to me today to get the pre-qualification process started!

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